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VIA will place whatever you need from      A to Z, or Alpha to Omega.  

Apartment Buildings, Art Studio/Art Gallery, Attorneys, Bonds, Churches, Computers, Condo HOAs, Consultants, Contractors, Earthquake, Equipment Rental, Farms,  Fire, General Liability, High Value Homes, or Commercial Buildings, Homes, Hotels, Inland Marine, Jewelry, Lawyers, Manufacturer, Museums, Non-Profits, Offices, Photographers, Professional Liability, Ranches, Rental Property, Restaurants, Schools, Stores, Technology, Umbrellas, Wholesalers, eXcess Liability, Zoos.


Homeowners range from single to four family homes with farm/ranch risks being treated separately.  Whether your home is a humble little cottage, or a majestic estate, VIA has the experience, and the right solutions for YOU.

Those owning Condos, Town homes, TICs, Co-Ops require a specific form to accommodate their needs.

Renters also have a specific form.


These risks are similar in many ways to Homeowners policies, but since they are "business risks", they have needs that NOT all insurers are willing to provide: Bed Bugs, Eviction, Equipment Breakdown, Sewer Lateral, Personal Injury, Ordinance or Law (Building Code Upgrades), Extended Replacement Cost, Extended Loss of Rental Income.  

If you think policies are ALL the same, you would be very wrong.  How wrong?  Are you willing to risk losing 10% to 50% of your investment?  That's how wrong. 

  While you may see some oddly funny commercials on TV, the reality is neither odd nor funny when it's your money vs. your insurers paying for your repairs. 

And YES insurers make mistakes - they sometimes wrongfully deny claims.  If your agent works for them, how will   he /she fight for YOU?

UMBRELLA is needed more than ever now

Due to inflation continuously eroding the value of money, claim settlement amounts which were considered rare only a decade ago are now far more common. How comfortable are you knowing your whole net worth is exposed?

CHOICES = Increased HERE

New products, New Insurers, New Coverages, New Options all combine to provide YOU more and better choices than ever before!  

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What IF?

How do I get service when your office is closed?  Call your insurer's 24/7 service line found in your policy or online.