How We Are Compensated


Commissions Earned vs. Consulting Fees

The industry's standard compensation formula is to include some set percentage of premium as "commission" to the agent or broker.  That is set by contract between the agent/broker and each separate insurer.  The amounts vary by product, and by insurer, and are not always the same for all agents or product lines.  Do your commissions cost me more than dealing directly with an insurer?  No.  Why not?  Because someone is being paid to provide you service whether it be us, or paid insurance company staff. Commissions are subject to pro-rated refund, therefore, not fully earned until the policy term has expired.

VIA Consulting fees: We charge $400 per hour with a minimum of $100.  These fees are only charged by prior written agreement for scheduled work: normally for time consuming policy reviews requiring a written report, for a 2nd Opinion review, or for Expert Witness testimony.  $6.67 per added minute over the initial 15 minutes.  These fees are non-refundable, and fully earned when the services are rendered.

VIA Online Consult Fees: Only $100 per hour with a minimum of $25.  These consults must be paid in advance in order to schedule time, or can be done on as available basis, then paid by credit card upon your satisfaction.  These consults will be done either in email, or by phone.  $1.67 per added minute over the first 15 minutes.  All fully earned, and nonrefundable.

Broker Fees: Are only charged  where allowed by law, pre-agreed, non-refundable, and may be charged in addition to any commissions received.

Policy Fees: Charged by insurance companies are NOT part of our compensation.