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    Business, Condo HOA, Homeowner, Landlord, Apartment.  62 years, Millions  claims PAID.  Always learning  to serve you better.

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    INSURANCE: What's Different Here?

    In a sea of sameness, VIA stands out as "Your most trusted adviser", the one who always keeps your interests where they belong   #1.

    Founded in 1956

    WORKING FOR YOU -  as an independent Agent/Broker we don't work for the insurance companies.  We serve our clients all over California for Home, or Business - BIG or small.


    Long before the internet - VIA was not only searching for better ways to bring value to our clients, but doing it!  The KEY factor in insurance is not technology or apps, its specialized technical KNOWLEDGE - YOU need it - We've GOT it.

    We continue to innovate for you.

    Great Advice + Quality Service =  Superior VALUE


    For those who do not understand the nuances of the most complicated product they ever buy, it can be tempting to consider it all the same.  It's NOT.  It's like buying a shock absorber that doesn't give a smooth ride, a life boat that sinks, or a parachute with holes cut i it.  No problem at all if you never use them.

      When a loss happens,   coverage becomes KING!  Either you have it or you pay out of pocket.

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    Our Clients are Our business.  Without You - We have nothing.  Please always call to be sure we are in when you plan to visit.

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